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balladeer n : a singer of popular ballads [syn: crooner]

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  1. A singer (generally professional), particularly one who sings ballads.

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a balladeer is a Dutch musical group, originating from Amsterdam, formed around singer-songwriter Marinus de Goederen.
In 2002, the band won the 3FM BuZz Award and the following an award at the finale of the annual Dutch musical contest De Grote Prijs van Nederland (The Big Prize of the Netherlands). They performed in several opening shows, including international acts of Saybia and Keane.
Their first EP was released in early 2004, named 'Rumor Had It'. The EP featured 4 songs, including the critically acclaimed They've Shut Down Marks & Spencer, which resulted in considerable airplay in the Netherlands. A balladeer recorded their first album in Brussels in 2005. On 5 May 2006, their debut album titled Panama was released by EMI Music. The single 'Swim with Sam' was the first single and became a hit in the Netherlands.
Early 2007, the band won a Zilveren Harp (Silver Harp), a supporting prize for promising musical artists. In February that year, their third single was released, a ballad called Robin II.
The recording for the second album starts early 2008, once again with Peter Slager of the band Bløf on bass.

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